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What Are My Rates?

My strength is in moderate to heavy copyediting—somewhere between proofreading and developmental copyediting—but I will consider any project that involves polishing your words.

While editing for clarity, conciseness, correctness, and consistency, I will check spelling, grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, style, and structure; I will also consider the spacing and layout of your material.

I primarily use Microsoft Word’s Track Changes function; I sometimes edit PDFs in Adobe and Google Docs files.


I charge $60 per hour for copyediting


Depending on the project, I may consider a project-based fee or charge by the word or page

The industry standard is 250 words per page; I typically edit 1000 words per hour, but this varies depending on the content and writing style. I will give you an estimate once I have seen your material. The most important thing I need from you is a firm deadline or a clear timeframe for your project.

I accept payment by check payable to Helen Overmyer. See the Contact page for my mailing address.

I also accept payment via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to use this feature.

Please pay within 30 days of invoicing to avoid a late fee.